Fiona Banner

Table Stops

About The Artist

Much of Banner’s work explores the problems and possibilities of written language.  Her early work took the form of ‘wordscapes’ or ‘still films’ – blow-by-blow accounts written in her own words of feature films, (whose subjects range from war to porn) or sequences of events.  These pieces took the form of solid single blocks of text, often the same shape and size as a cinema screen.


In Fiona Banner’s hands, full stops become abstract sculptures, each containing their own highly individual characteristics. 'Table Stops' is a collection of seven ceramic full stops. Each full stop is taken from a different font: Klang, Slipstream, Avant Garde, Nuptial, Formata, Optical and Courier. The full stops are all enlarged to the same scale, though each is a very different size and shape.


" 'Table Stops' are abstract points of focus. Like tableware, or executive toys, they are to be handled and moved around. The act of arranging and rearranging them enacts a silent conversation" - Fiona Banner

Fiona Banner, 'Table Stops', 2000

Glazed ceramic, boxed

Limited edition of 100. Published by The Multiple Store.

4.7 kg