How It Works

1) The customer identifies an image they like from the clients website and is provided with a menu of products upon which that image can be printed on, whether it’s a mug, t-shirt or phone cover.

2) Once the customer has chosen and paid, the details of that purchase are transferred online to the relevant printer.

3) They print the order, package it and ship it to the customer within a maximum of 48 hours. The printer handles all queries from the customer relating to shipping and delivery of their order.


 Key Elements:

Curation and Design. Plinth identifies images from the clients archive we believe would be attractive to customers but also which reflect the ethos and brand values of the client. Consideration and sensitivity has to be given to how the image is used and appropriate products for it.

The website. The client’s website needs to help customers to easily navigate, identify and purchase what they are interested in.

Pricing. This needs to be carefully considered from every perspective: ours, yours and the customer’s.

Provenance. This is absolutely key. We must ensure and validate that any manufactured product meet the ethical and moral standards of the client.

Quality. Image colours and rendition must be the same from product one to product 100,000. Rigorous testing is essential to ensure that the client and the customer gets fantastic reproduction of the image on whatever product they choose.

Systems Integration. The client's website will be seamlessly integrated with that of Plinth and the printers so that orders are directed to the appropriate printer along with all the relevant design and image information. Only one simple integration process is required.

Branding. The product is coming from the client, the shipping process allows personalisation based on their branding requirements.

Shipping, Fulfilment and Customer Service. Efficient shipping and fulfilment underpinned by great customer service is absolutely key. P&P costs need to be aligned with the clients to avoid customer confusion. Orders will be shipped as fast as same day, and customer emails and phone calls responded to within 24 hours by a dedicated customer service team.