'Mame Ngagne' Plate

Kehinde Wiley

'Mame Ngagne' Plate


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'Mame Ngagne' Plate

Kehinde Wiley juxtaposes traditional formats and motifs with modern modes of representation to complicate notions of group identity. Using the formal conceits of canonical portraiture, while trading stuffy drawing rooms for colourful backgrounds that make reference to textiles and patterns from various different cultures, Wiley paints black bodies into white history. In this porcelain plates series, featuring details from paintings spanning 2008-12, six exalted faces strike playfully serious poses against vibrant backdrops. Functional, decorative — a challenge to the status quo.
Each coupe plate is 10.75" and shows a stamped signature on the verso. The plates are individually boxed. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Holes on the back of each plate for easy hanging.

Featuring details from:

Mame Ngagne (2008), oil on canvas, 26 x 22 inches

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