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20 July - 31 August 2023

Keepers brings together a diverse group of women artists who challenge and reshape our understanding of sport, gender roles, and societal dynamics.

Keepers is inspired by the extraordinary rise of women's football in the UK. Coinciding with the Women’s World Cup 2023, as well as the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, Keepers features Chloé Ruchon's ‘Barbie Foot’, a fully functional table football game populated by beaming Barbie dolls.

Lauren Rizzo Schaffer's embroidered trading cards blend the traditionally female art of needlepoint with the predominantly male activity of card collecting, unravelling histories of gender and trade. 

With energetic brushstrokes, WooSun Choi challenges societal norms and explores the complexities of identity and belonging. Contrastingly, Fay Sanders sees her vibrant portraits of sportspeople as an act of social dreaming, reimagining societal codes of labour and rest.

Hira Butt’s ‘Dhee Rani (Princess Daughter)’ sees a football adorned with traditional Pakistani decorations, exploring themes of cultural transition and gender. Meanwhile, Sophie Lourdes Knight playfully ambiguous equestrian imagery invites the viewer to rethink everyday successes and failures. Winnie Hall's pop sensibility sees her conjuring figures from excitable Adidas’s signature three stripes.

The artists in Keepers invite viewers to reimagine the world of sports, dismantling hierarchies, and confronting stale social norms. In its pluralism, the exhibition celebrates the power of sport as a universal language to challenge, inspire playfulness, and spark dialogue.

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