STOP - Plinth

Cornelia Parker


Limited-edition embossed enamel sign with hand-painted white lettering

About the Artist


STOP - Plinth
STOP - Plinth
STOP - Plinth

“This sign is based on a photograph I took of a battered parking notice on a 60’s council estate in N1. The signs are ubiquitous in London, displayed on all the estates of the period. Isolated from its context the instruction can refer to anything you want it to. Stop eating, Stop drinking, Stop smoking, Stop thinking, Stop worrying, Stop" - Cornelia Parker, 2015

"The fact it is made in enamel means it has a certain authority commanding you to submit, (or to ignore if that is what you usually do to signs!) The black enamel encroaches on the white word, semi-submerged it suggests the viewer is perhaps leaving it a little too long to respond" - Cornelia Parker, 2015

Cornelia Parker, 'STOP', 2015
Embossed enamel sign with hand-painted white lettering
Signed, limited edition of 20. Plinth Ikon 50 Edition.
487 x 248 x 8mm