ICS Personality Test
ICS Personality Test

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ICS Personality Test


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Who are you, deep down? What does it mean, when all is said and done? What are you like at the office Christmas party, and why? You need wait for answers no longer, because we believe that humanity can be divided exactly into five genres of person. Below, you'll find a personality test to reveal your deepest truths, your worst vices, and the corresponding pin-badge.

You're welcome.


The Hedonist

At the office Christmas party, you’re most likely to be found slouching at the outskirts, inwardly lamenting your lost Thursday evening.

At the office Christmas party, you’re most likely to be found:

a) Slouching at the outskirts, inwardly lamenting your lost Thursday evening.
b) Unconscious under your desk, clutching a plastic glass of mulled wine.
c) Bending your co-worker’s ear about your new boyfriend’s mum’s god-daughter.
d) A few glasses down and teetering on the edge of letting something dreadful slip to a key investor.
e) Hiding in the toilet: this is your idea of hell.

On a first date, you always:

a) Arrive late; they’re probably nothing like their online profile; what’s the point?
b) Turn up smashed and suggest tequila shots to kick things off.
c) Find a way to turn the conversation back to yourself – tell us about that dream you had again?
d) Put your foot in your mouth before the starters arrive.
e) Avoid eye contact; it’s all a bit intimate for your taste.


The Misanthrope

You couldn’t live without:

a) Your bed. Safe, warm, non-judgmental…
b) Sex. And drugs. And rock, and roll.
c) Other people.
d) The ‘delete’ key on your laptop.
e) Your headphones.

In a crisis, you:

a) Presume the worst. That typo was more than enough to get you fired, and your mum isn’t replying to your texts because she hates you.
b) Let it go. Dance on the funeral pyre!
c) Worry about yourself, first and foremost. Karen’s dog might have died, but you’re the real victim here.
d) Flip between panic and resigned calm.
e) Bed down and wait for it all to pass. Please, let them leave you alone.


The Precariat

Your dream job is:

a) Prophet of the Apocalypse, or maybe an undertaker.
b) A rock star cum club promoter cum racing car driver.
c) A celebrity.
d) Something – anything – stable.
e) As long as you can work from home with minimal interruption, you’re grand.

Your exes would describe you as:

a) A downer.
b) A bit much.
c) Self-obsessed.
d) A disaster.
e) Unavailable.

In a crisis, you flip between panic and resigned calm.


The Pessimist

If you have a spare ten minutes, you’ll probably:

a) Take the opportunity to brood over all the most recent injustices you’ve faced.
b) Flick through Tinder and plan an evening of debauchery.
c) Ring a friend to update them on what you had for lunch.
d) Trip over your laces and accidentally insult a passer-by.
e) Lock yourself in a bathroom and enjoy the quiet.


The Narcissist

If you have a spare ten minutes, you’ll probably take the opportunity to brood over all the most recent injustices you’ve faced.

Mostly As:
PESSIMIST/ I am dragging my anchor
When life gives you lemons, why make lemonade? We’re all going to die anyway, the restaurant’s probably closed already and silver linings are for suckers.

Mostly Bs:
HEDONIST/ Man overboard
Life is short, and you’re happy to make it shorter by enjoying all the things worst for you. Make hay while the sun shines; eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow may never come (but when it does, it will arrive with a stinking hangover).


All the facets of humanity, in one beautiful gift box.

Mostly Cs:
NARCISSIST/ Communicate with me
You’ve got your priorities in order, and YOU are at the top of the list. The universe revolves around you, which is lucky, because otherwise your incorrigible self-interest might seem unfounded.

Mostly Ds:
PRECARIOUS/ Running into danger
It’s always about to go wrong, isn’t it? You’re rarely to blame, and yet disaster follows you around like a faithful lamb. It seems a struggle to keep your head above water, but don’t lose hope – one day, you might sit on a winning lottery ticket instead of chewing gum.

Mostly Es:
MISANTHROPE/ Keep clear of me
Hell is other people. They’re always saying something, or making noise, or asking for a favour. You’re very self-sufficient, and that’s the way you like it – who needs friends anyway?

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