Nathalie de Leval
Nathalie de Leval

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Nathalie de Leval

Offcut with blue line

Nathalie de Leval, 'Offcut with blue line'

Nathalie de Leval is an independent furniture designer and maker, working both on bespoke commissions and furniture for manufacture. Following her collaboration with Paul Smith in 2014, de Leval exhibited at Plinth's pop-up gallery at 44 Great Russell Street.

 In 2015, inspired by the off cuts of materials, and colour samples around her in the workshop, she began to make a series of three dimensional assemblages and collages exploring form, texture and colour, and their interaction with light. De Leval hosted a workshop on March 5th, in which participants had the chance to create their own wall sculpture, using off cuts of various materials. More than that, they were guided by a lifetime artist and artisan in making something beautiful to take home. 

Offcut with black rectangle

Nathalie de Leval, 'Offcut with black rectangle'

Nathalie explained: 'Each participant will receive a 30 x 30cm board of mdf, ply or veneered board and then be able to choose from bags full of timber off cuts and left over paint colours, but be limited to 3, 5 or 7 elements.  The first mark will start the dialogue on the board. Then the decisions begin, using intuition and feeling, selecting and placing the other elements, looking at shape and form, negative and positive space, overlap and interplay, colour and material. The simple palette enables one to explore the infinite relationships that can be created to reach something that “feels right”. By working and playing with real materials, moving them about, trying different combinations, and being present, attentive, and receptive to the relationships that are happening, it is often the unexpected, unplanned “accidents” that create the most interesting moments.'

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Plinth at 44 Great Russell Street

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