Gaetan James

The Pelham Place Incident

About The Artist

The artist Jacques Nimki works within the urban landscape, using weeds as metaphors to examine the hidden, the unseen and the forgotten. Gaetan James is his ‘documenter’ — wherever Nimki treads, one can see the traces of Gaetan James. Whilst both are concerned with the unseen, James, the consummate flâneur, focuses on the theatre of our day- to-day experiences.

Gaeten image

Gaetan James - artist, observer and flaneur - has created a series of paper cuts for Plinth's Autumn pop-up at 10a Thurloe Place. The works explore scenes from the surrounding area, each one saturated with film noir undertones and a touch of the surreal. Drunks, lovers, secrets and surprises hide around every corner, frozen in time in the delicate shadows of the paper cut.

Gaetan James, 'The Pelham Place Incident'.

Black card, paper cut.

Limited edition of 20.

60 x 34 cm

£120 unframed, £170 framed