Summer Rain, Neasden, Brent - Plinth

Summer Rain, Neasden, Brent

Photography print

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Summer Rain, Neasden, Brent - Plinth

“When I moved to the city in the late 90s as a young man having grown up in a village in Germany, I was both overwhelmed and bewitched. I felt compelled to know every last corner of the place, to understand it as fully as I could. For years, in my spare-time as a student I criss-crossed the city on my bike, finding new routes to places, exploring new neighbourhoods, getting lost and soaking up every detail.”

Philipp Ebeling, 'Summer Rain, Neasden, Brent'

Part of the 'London Ends' series

Framed photography print.

Published by Fishbar, editions of 18 (small size) and 12 (large size)

50 x 40cm / 60 x 50cm

£810 / £1050 (includes VAT)

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