Julian Opie


About The Artist

Julian Opie’s work, with its signature graphic line and use of digital media, encompasses sculpture, painting, printmaking and installation.

Plinth 08 final

“I grew up with English art of the post-war St. Ives School, artists such as Nicholson, Moore and Hepworth. I find myself drawn to a lot of the same subject matter. As with lyrics, it’s important to choose the right subject matter but they should not be seen as the point of the song, they allow a certain narrative and create a particular mood. The St. Ives mood is plain, modest and innocent, often lovely and occasionally cloying. I find myself contrasting this longing, wide-eyed, cool and natural quality with elements of our urban, post-industrial, somewhat ruined world” - Julian Opie

Plinth sheep final

Julian Opie, 'Sheep', 2014

Pure wool blanket

190 x 132 cm

1.5 kg