Liliane Lijn

Liquid Koan

About The Artist

Liliane Lijn is a leading pioneer of kinetic art. Conical forms have been part of Lijn’s work since the sixties, when she was inspired by the striped cones which act as signals on the roads which crisscross our planet. The cone, as symbol of the ‘sacred mountain’, has been the basic architectural form for places of worship throughout Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Lijn converted cone to Koan, deliberately using the word for Zen Buddhist riddles, which focus the mind on paradox, to point out the paradox at the core of her own works. They have formed the core of her kinetic works, dissolving text into lines, light and colour.

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With 'Liquid Koan' Liliane Lijn has used translucent polyester resin to propose a paradox: layers of colour appear distinct and separate, or merge one into another, depending on the angle at which they are seen. The cone is seen as both solid and fluid within the medium of light.

Liliane Lijn, 'Liquid Koan', 2003

Translucent resins

Edition of 30. Published by The Multiple Store.

12 x 12 x 30cm

1.5 kg