florilegium SW7 - Plinth

Jacques Nimki

florilegium SW7

Limited edition art work


About the Artist


florilegium SW7 - Plinth

Jacques Nimki describes his works as ‘florilegiums’, a word that literally means ’flower book’, a category of books from the seventeenth century where images are more significant than text. Nimki draws on a culture of collecting based on curiosity and beauty rather than scientific investigation.

For florilegium SW7, Nimki has crafted an intricate paper cut using hedge bindweed, field bindweed, shepherds purse, stitchwort and chickweed.

Jacques Nimki, 'florilegium SW7'

Paper cut.

Edition of 20.

39 x 49 cm

£140 (unframed)
£170 (framed)