English Breakfast Tray - Plinth

Magnum Photos

English Breakfast Tray

Photo by Martin Parr

About the Artist


English Breakfast Tray - Plinth
English Breakfast Tray - Plinth
English Breakfast Tray - Plinth

Martin Parr, ‘chronicler of our age’ and Magnum Photographer, has worked with Plinth to create beautiful, useful objects imbued with his trademark wry wit. “There’s humour in the world!”, explains Parr. “It’s no surprise to find humour in photographs, taken the crazy place we all live in”. With that in mind, we invite you to breakfast on breakfast, set your mug of tea on top of another, and keep your lipstick safely inside a make-uppy smile; from placemats to trays, and from wash bags to coasters, Parr’s answer to ‘image meets object’ will appeal to photophiles and design lovers alike. The range has already been featured in publications including The Guardian, Elle, Le Figaro, The Observer, Die Zeit and Man Repeller amongst many others. This particular image was taken in Bristol, Bedminster, from Parr's 'British Food', 1995.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Magnum Photos, Plinth partnered with Magnum to create its first ever range of unique products using some of their most iconic images.

Magnum Photos Melamine Tray
39cm x 26cm
© Martin Parr Digital Print on Melamine
Magnum Photos Backstamp