David Shrigley

Brass Tooth

About The Artist

"Brass Tooth could be used for cracking nuts with."

David Shrigley, 2014

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David shrigley signing edition december 2014 1000px wide 539x539 grande

'Brass Tooth' is macabre, comical and dysfunctional. By hugely exaggerating the size of the common molar, Shrigley plays on our fear of the dentist’s chair, but confounds us by making it in solid, heavy brass.

"Brass Tooth is one of the heaviest small artworks that I have made. I imagine it will appeal to dentists and other people who are interested in teeth. It could also be used for cracking nuts with" - David Shrigley, 2014

David shrigley brass tooth with box

David Shrigley, 'Brass Tooth', 2009

Solid polished brass, wooden box

Edition of 80. Published by The Multiple Store.

8 x 6 x 14 cm

3.6 kg