Barbie Foot Poster 2

Chloe Ruchon

Barbie Foot Poster 2


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Barbie Foot Poster 2
Barbie Foot Poster 2

In ‘Barbie Foot’ (a pun in the artist's native French on ‘le-baby foot’), the beaming dolls form a team, skewered by metal bars. The fully playable table brings together two opposing worlds: the pink universe of Barbie, the favourite toy of many young girls, with table football table and the world of sports, historically associated with men. By bringing together these two emblematic objects that are strongly gendered by society, Barbie Foot encourages the viewer to explore the social codes that govern us.

Framed laser print on card
A3 (29.7 × 42cm)
Open edition

This work will ship from France