Plinth On Demand

What is Plinth On Demand?

We collaborate with the world’s leading museums and cultural institutions to open up their image libraries and offer them to the public via print-on-demand. This technology allows a customer to apply iconic artwork and imagery to the products they love – from a mug, to an iPhone cover, or a t-shirt – in a way which is affordable, delivered quickly and with the provenance of reputable and world-renowned institutions.

Our Partners

Plinth has partnered exclusively with the biggest providers of on-demand printing in Europe. Each has a different area of expertise (below), and is used to handling huge volumes efficiently whilst maintaining quality and delivering customer satisfaction.

  • Fine-art printing, custom-bound books, photographic prints, beautifully printed cards and more...
  • Customised phone cases and laptops sleeves and a wide range of ceramics including mugs, plates and tea-sets.
  • Fairtrade and organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and tea-towels.

Our Clients

  • EON Productions
  • Ticketmaster
  • Turner Contemporary

How It Works

  • The customer identifies an image from your website they like from the client’s website and is provided with a menu of products upon which that image can be printed on, whether it’s a mug, t-shirt or phone cover.
  • Once the customer has chosen and paid, the details of that purchase are transferred online to the relevant printer.
  • They print the order, package it and ship it to the customer within 48 hours. The printer handles all queries from the customer relating to shipping and delivery of their order.

Key Elements

  • The Website

    Your website needs to help customers to easily navigate, identify and purchase what they are interested in.

  • Provenance

    This is incredibly important. We will ensure that any manufactured product meets your ethical and moral standards.

  • Systems Intergration

    Simple website integration — orders are directed quickly to the printer.

  • Curation

    Plinth curates a list of images from your archives which are attractive to customers and reflect accurately your ethos.

  • Design

    We consider carefully what image will work on what product and make sure it looks good.

  • Quality

    Image colours and rendition are rigorously tested to ensure that you and the customer get fantastic reproduction of the image on whatever product they choose.

An example of a Plinth On Demand project


  • Customers love the convenience of shopping online and researching the perfect image, and they’re keen to support much-loved institutions.
  • No stock, so no capital employed and zero risk.
  • Shipping, fulfilment and customer services are outsourced: a major drain on resources is removed.

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