Nathalie de Leval

Haiku with yellow

Nathalie de Leval is an independent furniture designer and maker, working both on bespoke commissions and furniture for manufacture. In 2015, inspired by the off cuts of materials, and colour samples around her in the workshop, she began to make a series of three dimensional assemblages and collages exploring form, texture and colour, and their interaction with light.

Nathalie de leval

Nathalie de Leval hosted a workshop at Plinth on March 5th. She explained 'The simple palette enables one to explore the infinite relationships that can be created to reach something that “feels right”. By working and playing with real materials, moving them about, trying different combinations, and being present, attentive, and receptive to the relationships that are happening, it is often the unexpected, unplanned “accidents” that create the most interesting moments.'