Violin plates (pink) - Plinth

Michael Craig-Martin

Violin plates (pink)

Set of three fine bone china plates

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Violin plates (pink) - Plinth
Violin plates (pink) - Plinth
Violin plates (pink) - Plinth

Michael Craig-Martin, 'Violin Plates (pink)', 2016
Bone china, made and hand decorated with ceramic transfers in Stoke on Trent.
3 plates, 17cm, 21cm and 27cm in diameter

Michael Craig-Martin was invited to design the programme for the Glyndebourne 2013 season. He decided to accompany the project by creating a limited edition set of plates as part of the series. In 2016, Craig-Martin has worked with Plinth to produce a new colour-way for an unlimited edition based on this first – ‘Violin Plates (pink)’. He says:

“I wanted to do something more than just reproduce one of my images on a plate. The surface area of a plate is comparatively small so I started thinking of making an image larger than the plate, showing only a fragment. Playing with this idea, I suddenly realized that because of its length and the fact it tapers towards the top, I could accommodate the entire image of the violin on a graduated sequence of 3 plates. It was an extraordinary coincidence it fit so perfectly.

I am happy that the plates can be used to eat from in an ordinary way, displayed on a table or a wall to re-assemble the violin, placed in an orderly stack from large to small, be used singly or simply mixed up in a group.“