fig-2 at Bicester Village

Annika Annika diamond background red

Annika Ström's performances take everyday situations as their starting point. For her installation at fig-2, Ström writes a script to a film in three parts, a story that evolves around two friends visiting the shops at Bicester Village, sharing their lives as if they are at confession.

Vesna Vesna tea towel new 2

Vesna Petresin is a time architect, a space composer and a performer. At Bicester Village, she composed a choreography of sound and light, transforming the site into an immersive, enchanted landscape.

Gaggle Deborah tea towel final

Writer, artist, director and producer, Deborah Coughlin founded Gaggle in 2009 as an experimental choir and performance group. For Bicester Village, Gaggle produced a series of promotional materials for a fictional book aimed at the modern woman, providing alternative advice about fashion, beauty, consumerism and food.

Shezad 4

Shezad Dawood is an artist/film-maker who looks at the compiling, layering and editing of multiple narratives across his films, paintings and sculptural works, allowing space for research and collaboration. For fig-2, Dawood created an immersive virtual reality.