1. Notebook

    The Wisdom of the Shoal

    Andrew Munks at the Zabludowicz Collection
  2. Notebook

    Beautiful Minds at Thomas Dane

    Self-assembling sculpture from Anya Gallaccio
  3. Notebook

    The Art World Safari

    A field guide to the fauna of a London Private View
  4. Notebook

    Weddings and Babies

    Alice Theobald at Pilar Corrias
  5. Notebook

    Nocturnal Animals

    Art as a veil drawn over truth
  6. Notebook

    Fashion and Art - Natural Bedfellows?

    This LFW, we examine art and fashion's defining collaborations
  7. Notebook

    'Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017' at Tate Modern

    If what is most specific is most universal, then Tillmans is a masterful story teller.
  8. Notebook

    Revolution at the RA: a message for our times

    What does Russia’s revolutionary art have to tell us about populist politics today?
  9. Notebook

    Stealing Space

    Richard Wilson at Annely Juda
  10. Notebook

    Making a Mark

    When the money or hope runs out, there’s always one medium left: graffiti.
  11. Notebook


    Josef Frank at the Fashion and Textiles Museum until May 7th.
  12. Notebook

    Inanimate and Intimate

    Amie Siegel's 'Strata', at South London Gallery until March 26th
  13. Notebook

    Instagram and The Image

    What does the future look like for art online?
  14. Notebook

    Trump in the Present Tense

    What does the future hold for art under Trump?
  15. Notebook

    Politics of the Female Nude

    Nakedness and Nudity at the Photographers' Gallery
  16. Notebook

    Vulgar: Fashion Redefined at the Barbican

    'Bad taste is only ever committed by other people'
  17. Notebook

    Dayanita Singh at Frith Street

    "Singh wants to show you what’s hidden, and hide what’s on show."
  18. Notebook

    Farewell to Thurloe Place

    Looking back at our second pop-up
  19. Notebook

    Florilegium SW7 at Thurloe Place

    Jacques Nimki on his Plinth commission
  20. Notebook

    Frieze Favourites

    New discoveries amongst old friends and Old Masters
  21. Notebook

    F.Bombe's Floral Festival at Thurloe Place

    We take a look at the work of London's most exceptional flower decorators.
  22. Notebook

    10a Thurloe Place Pop-up

    16th September - 23rd October
  23. Notebook

    Really Good

    We've collaborated with the Fourth Plinth, Tiger, and David Shrigley himself!
  24. Notebook

    Foldability at 10a Thurloe Place

    Details of McCallum's immersive origami installation, 'Refraction'.
  25. Notebook

    Magnum at Thurloe Place

    Alex Webb, Matt Black, Harry Gruyaert and more.
  26. Notebook

    Fishbar at 10a Thurloe Place

    Philipp Ebeling and Olivia Arthur, 'London Ends' and 'Stranger'.
  27. Notebook

    Video Interview with Rowan Moore

    Plinth spoke to Rowan Moore about London, and his latest book.
  28. Notebook

    Plinth at 44 Great Russell Street

    Details of Plinth's first pop-up gallery, Feb-Mar 2016
  29. Notebook

    Plinth at the RA Summer Exhibition 2016

    Old favourites and new discoveries at the RA.
  30. Notebook

    Launch of Richard Wentworth's 'Known Unknowns'

    Event held 5th July, at Bold Tendencies in Peckham.

  31. Notebook

    Cornelia Parker - Two Museums, Two Continents

    Parker's at the Met and the Foundling Museum this summer.
  32. Notebook

    Britain as Revealed by International Photographers

    Curated by Martin Parr, 'Strange and Familiar' at the Barbican runs until June 19th
  33. Notebook

    2016 Press

    All our press in one place!
  34. Notebook

    Dóra Maurer's '6 out of 5' at White Cube.

    '6 out of 5' is showing until July 9th at White Cube, Mason's Yard.
  35. Notebook

    Plinth's Five Favourite Booths at Art16

    We took a break from manning our stand to enjoy what the fair has to offer...
  36. Notebook

    Rambling around Soho

    Plinth spent a May morning gallery-hopping...
  37. Notebook

    Plinth and Ikon at Art16

    Plinth is delighted to announce that they'll be appearing at the art fair, May 20th-22nd.
  38. Notebook

    Hoyeon Kang's 'How to Shout YAHOO!' at the KCC

    Plinth got a preview of the Korean Cultural Centre's newest exhibition.
  39. Notebook

    'Warhol Icons' at Halcyon Gallery

    Halcyon shows Andy Warhol, pop art legend, over three floors in their Mayfair gallery.
  40. Notebook

    Magical Surfaces at Parasol unit, Shoreditch

    'Everything that ought to have remained hidden and secret [...]' become visible' - Friedrich Schelling
  41. Notebook

    Anna Barriball at Frith Street's Golden Square

    Plinth writer Emily Watkins sees 'New Works', on until May 7th.
  42. Notebook

    Video Interview with Richard Wilson

    Richard Wilson discusses his edition 'Still Life Jug', and the nature of the multiple.
  43. Notebook

    David Shrigley Private View at Stephen Friedman Gallery

    Plinth caught the first glimpse of Shrigley's new work in Soho.
  44. Notebook

    Hany Armanious at Southard Reid Gallery

    Plinth ducks into a beautiful space round the corner.
  45. Notebook

    'What You Can't See' at Soho Revue Gallery

    Plinth saw Aglaé Bassens and Eric Oglander at Revue.
  46. Notebook

    'Tell it slant' at Frith Street's Soho Square

    'Tell all the truth/ but tell it slant' - Emily Dickinson
  47. Notebook

    Video Interview with Richard Deacon

    Richard Deacon speaks to Plinth about his new edition, 'Icon'.
  48. Notebook

    Video Interview with Roger Hiorns

    Roger Hiorns speak about his piece 'Untitled', and upcoming projects.
  49. Notebook

    Susan Collis at Great Russell Street

    On the artist's work at Plinth's first pop-up.

  50. Notebook

    Furniture at Great Russell Street

    Plinth sold vintage and contemporary furniture at their first pop-up.