Events at The Magnum Home
Events at The Magnum Home

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Events at The Magnum Home


Chris Steele-Perkins, Wolverhampton. Disco. 1978 © Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos

'Where's it at?'

Thursday May 18th, 7 - 8 pm

Won't somebody think of the children? Hunger Magazine’s Lily Silverton will be joined in conversation on the state of London’s youth and its culture by nominee Magnum member Matt Stuart and political writer Sam Kriss. In addition to working as features director for fashion and photography biannual Hunger, Silverton writes on fashion, art and culture for publications including Refinery29 and CNN Style. Aged 26, and known for his outspoken and elegant commentary on world affairs, Kriss’ writing has already appeared in such publications as Politico, The Observer, The Guardian and The New York Times. Matt Stuart has been a nominee of Magnum Photos since 2016, and is known for his irreverent and pointed street photography. Within The Magnum Home, produced by Plinth, Magnum Photos and Thames & Hudson, the panel will consider what thread pulls the phenomenon of ‘youth culture’ together; what is it about being young that is so perenially fascinating; and ultimately, what does it mean here, and today? Book here.

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David Hurn, London. 1968. © David Hurn/Magnum Photos

'Re-visions of London'

Saturday May 20th, 2 - 5pm

Join us on Saturday afternoon for a Magnum Treasure Hunt across London. Beginning at 44 Great Russell Street, participants will pace the city to locate and recreate images from Magnum’s archive, from Henri Cartier-Bresson in Trafalgar Square to Chris Steele Perkins in Soho. All you need is a camera phone; after taking one photo, send it to Plinth to receive the next! The winners will be selected by Magnum photographer Matt Stuart, renowned for his unique take on street photography, and prizes will be awarded to the fastest team, and to those whose photos are judged the best. Book here.

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Matt Stuart, London, Needham Road. 2005. © Matt Stuart/Magnum Photos

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