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2016 Press

Pop-ups can be banal affairs, can’t they? [...] Then something like this comes along. And all is forgiven.

We Heart, 12/02/16
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From We Heart, 2016

"Set inside 44 Great Russell Street, a resplendent Georgian home that dates back to 1710, Plinth is a pop-up that will make you forget every other. Shall we start with some of the names involved? Gavin Turk; Arne Jacobsen; Julian Opie; Richard Wilson; David Shrigley. Now I have your attention: former music biz man, contemporary art enthusiast and SohoCreate Festival curator Paul Franklyn, and art consultant, journalist and editor Chloe Grimshaw are collaborating with Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery on a space that showcases newly-commissioned editions from leading creative talent, in the largely-untouched Georgian house; discerningly decorated with vintage and reclaimed furnishings from the likes of Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen...."

Wallpaper, 2016

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From Telegraph Luxury, 2016

"Merging art, design and luxury with accessibility in a way that gives its customers an opportunity to build a collection of iconic pieces with a difference, Plinth launches with a month-long selling exhibition in Bloomsbury. Specially commissioned limited-editions and artist-designed products from the likes of Cornelia Parker, Julian Opie, Richard Deacon, Richard Wilson and Gavin Turk form the first collection. And though the provenance and personality of the artists is never compromised, the prices of these unique products range from £10 to £20,000. [...] Though there’s no precedent for Plinth, Franklyn has noticed that parts of their philosophy can be found in the art world’s recent move towards multiples, and more accessibility. “We’ve taken it further and placed our objects in a home, not just a house,” he says. “They rest on mantelpieces and coffee tables. We want our visitors to be able to see the pieces in their own sitting rooms, but it also felt important to present a coherent aesthetic that met with, rather than fought, a space with so much history and atmosphere.” "

Telegraph Luxury, 2016

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From Wallpaper, 2016

“This first series of editions has had the most extraordinary names behind it,” says Grimshaw. “And we’d hope to use the momentum of this first push to make more editions, series and exhibitions, perhaps with less well known artists.”

Telegraph Luxury, 19/02/16

"'Plinth is not only about providing a new platform for unique artist-designed products and limited editions,' say the founders of the initiave. 'It’s a project centered on a spirit of openness, and creating a means by which a wider audience can access and own contemporary art.'"

We Heart, 2016

Evening standard 3 feb 2016

Plinth in The Evening Standard, 2016

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